Mooikrans is an educational and training institute that offers schools and groups a wide range of programs and activities. Mooikrans is known for its herd of 50 schooled horses. The horses and horse-riding is at the heart of the farm and form part of all the programs that Mooikrans offers. It also serves as a holiday destination for children, adults and families, and provides training and conference facilities to corporate groups.

The owner of Mooikrans Training, Elna Wahl, left her career as a teacher about 16 years ago to establish a therapeutic horse riding school on the farm, Mooigelegen. In time, children came to stay over on weekends for some horse-riding, and eventually children could also attend camps during holidays. Mooikrans is rooted in the Christian faith and our staff is well trained to comply with the standards and ethical codes of Mooikrans Equus in order to embody those values.



Mooikrans Equus is situated between the towns of Amersfoort and Morgenzon in Mpumalanga, South Africa, hidden and surrounded by the hills unique to the eastern Highveld. The campsite's historic farmhouse, built in 1903, is surrounded by giant eucalyptus trees and lush green lawns with plenty of space for all kinds of fun activities. Mooikrans is known for its herd of schooled horses that will jump right into your heart.

Mooikrans’ logo: “Seize the day and live to honour Him”



Dear Elna

You will be gobsmacked when you hear what clever plans they are coming up with just to spend a few days at Mooikrans!

Mooikrans changed Tasha's whole life. She is thinking of doing occupational therapy and wants to specialize in Equine Assisted Occupational Therapy.

Her dreams are all about a farm … horses (even if it is one), a windmill, a few dogs and vellies on her feet will make her a millionaire!

Tons of tons of thanks for the blessing of Mooikrans that you share with our children ... may this blessing return to you 1000 times!


Riana van Pretoria