Mooikrans offers internationally recognized tertiary education in Agricultural Sciences and the Equus Sciences. The courses are done online via the Australia Correspondence School (ACS).



In the Agricultural field, 32 subjects can be selected and the student compiles his / her own course. The courses are done online at AUSTRALIA CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL.


Practical work is done on Mooikrans and on surrounding farms.


Those interested in horses and who want to make it their career, have a choice between Horse Care, Equine Behaviour and many other subjects, while students interested in Equine Assisted Psychological Therapy can also take a specialised course in this field.

Naturally, the study of the horse is also included, because successful Equine Assisted Therapy can only take place if the facilitator has a thorough knowledge of the horse. Mooikrans' pride, our herd of 50 horses, provides an excellent opportunity for enjoyable practical training. The courses are done online at AUSTRALIA CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL.

Therapeutic horse-riding lessons for special needs children take place during the week and students are given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the therapy.

Elna Wahl is an expert in Equine Science and Equine Assisted Therapy, and has more than 40 years of experience in this field.


Students live on Mooikrans, attend classes on the Mooikrans campus and enjoy a student's life in the vastness of the Highveld plains.

We visit cattle, sheep and horse stud farms and attend Farmers Days and Information Days dealing with the many facets of farming.

The Equus students have the opportunity to work with young unschooled horses and also with horses that previously had been traumatized. Our approach to our horses is according to horse-directed ridership, more commonly known as Natural Horsemanship. We visit famous horse breeders and attend shows where different horse breeds are on show.

Of course, Mooikrans offers you the opportunity to become an excellent rider. Agriculture students also become experienced riders. We all often go out on an outride for the day and only return at dusk.


The day is divided into 4 periods of which the last period is a sports period. We cycle, play soccer, drum ball, ring tennis and rugby.

On Sundays we go to church by bus.     


Students stay in single and double rooms. We enjoy three meals daily. Coffee and tea are served four times a day. Those who get peckish in between, can make a sandwich in the kitchen.



Successful students already work on farms and at horse-riding schools. Some of our students find employment overseas or go on to study further at university.

The Equus students are snapped up by existing horse-riding schools because of the tremendous need that exists for trained therapists.

The bonus of a year or two at Mooikrans, is the development of each student's personal skills. The development of a young school-leaver into an adult that is equipped with all the knowledge, experience and emotional intelligence to function successfully in life.