Students live at Mooikrans, attend classes on the Mooikrans campus and enjoy student life in the vastness of the Highveld plains.

We visit cattle, sheep and horse stud farms and attend Agricultural Days and Information Days dealing with the many facets of farming.

The Equus students get an opportunity to work with young unschooled horses as well as horses that have been traumatised.

Our approach to our horses is according to horse-directed ridership, more commonly known as Natural Horsemanship. We visit well known horse breeders and attend shows where different horse breeds are on show.

Of course, at Mooikrans you will have the opportunity to become an excellent rider. Agriculture students also become experienced riders. We all often go on an outride for the day and only return at dusk.

The day is divided into 4 periods of which the last period is a sports period. We cycle, play soccer, drum ball, ring tennis and rugby.

On Sundays we go to church by bus.

Students stay in single and double rooms. We enjoy three meals daily. Coffee and tea are served four times a day. Those who get peckish in between meals, make a sandwich in the kitchen.


The students stay in double / single rooms. Three meals are provided per day. Attending dinner and devotions is compulsory. Students sleep in their rooms at MOOIKRANS every night unless special arrangements apply.

Wednesdays we go to town. We go to Amersfoort or Volksrust by bus to do shopping. It is always an enjoyable outing. We go to church on Sundays and alternate between the Dutch Reformed Church, the AFM and the Reformed Church. We often host church or school camps over weekends and then all the students help where needed. Other weekends we watch a movie or dance – Cowboy Line Dancing.

MOOIKRANS’ rules of conduct apply to all students. The students sign an undertaking to abide by these rules. Male students visiting in the ladies' rooms or ladies visiting in the guys’ rooms are sent home immediately. Parents remain responsible for the outstanding fees.

When practicals are being conducted, the students are taken by bus to the specific farm and taken back the same day. These farms are within a 20 km radius of MOOIKRANS. Lectures usually take place at the MOOIKRANS campus. Lectures can also take place elsewhere, for example at the Wool School.



Bedding - duvet and pillow. Extra blanket in winter.

Flashlight, backpack, water bottle and gumboots.

4 copies of identity document.

Stationery (3 x exam blocks, pens and one large file).


Shoes for suitable for horse-riding. Boots. Denims. Comfortable hiking boots. Collared shirts with sleeves (for protection against the sun) are required.


Hat. Any broad-rimmed type. Stetsons are on sale at Mooikrans for R700.

Farm clothing to work in. Khaki or denim.

On days when guests are expected, Mooikrans' formal attire is worn. Shirts are available at R250 and jackets at R350.

The formal dress is also worn when Mooikrans goes on a formal outing, for example to a horse auction or a Farmers Day.

Formal pants and a shirt for Church. Enough warm clothes for winter.


The use of cell phones, computers and other electrical appliances are judiciously managed because Mooikrans uses solar energy. There are cell phone charging facilities in the student rooms and charging points for computers in the student centre.

Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms. Inspection is done on a regular basis. Students do their own laundry with a washing machine in the laundry room. They iron their own clothes. We often go to town and students can buy the necessary toiletries and other personal items there.

Students are allowed their own curtains in their rooms. Mooikrans curtains must be handed in if the curtains are being changed. No pictures may be affixed to the walls. Each student has a bed, wardrobe, bedside table and a chair in his room. There are single rooms and double rooms. A desk and bookshelf are provided in the lecture hall.


A smart phone is sufficient to access information on the Internet. If students want to print something, Mooikrans' printer may be used. A laptop, tablet or cell phone can be used. Assignments are done in writing and / or electronically. Wi-Fi is available. The best signal for phones is MTN, then Vodacom and Cell C.