B.Psych Ed

The owner of Mooikrans, Elna Wahl, studied at the Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit during the pioneering years of the once proud Afrikaans University. She obtained a BA (Psychology) degree. Her great passion is remedial education and abnormal psychology and she passes these subjects with distinction.

She does her Higher Education Diploma (HED) through UNISA and later teaches at the Highveld Agricultural School where her own children also attend school. During this time she fulfils leadership roles at various church and cultural organisations. She founded the Jong Dames Dinamiek, Vroue Ken Krag and the Afrikaner Volkswag branches in her area and organises various folk festivals. She is chair of the Women's Ministry at her church, chair of the children’s church and has been a Sunday school teacher for 16 years. Under her leadership, the local nursery school is established. She leads the project until a few years later, the school is registered as a departmental nursery school. She serves on the management of the SA Women's Federation and the Hildebrand Children's Home, where she is closely concerned with the problems of the children in the children’s home.

As a teacher with instructional and educational guidance, she is deeply aware of the challenges and problems facing today's children. With the encouragement of her principal, she takes these children to her sheep farm, Mooigelegen, over weekends. Together with her own children they swim, go horse-riding and help to herd sheep.

The dramatic outcomes of these visits to the farm convince Elna to take on a new challenge – which would be the first in South Africa – namely a horse-facilitated educational and training institute.

Elna's love for her farm and her horses, her years of experience with horses and in-depth knowledge of these majestic animals, her love for children and extensive experience with them, and her love for education and psychology, are currently a winning combination.


Mooikrans has trained facilitators for each item offered.

We consider ourselves privileged to have people like Ivan Ferris (at Agri) and Noelene Marshall (at Equus) on our staff. They are enthusiastic and extremely reliable program leaders. They are both experts in their field and are also excellent horsemen!


Each year, the students elect their representatives to serve on the Mooikrans Staff. These representatives are known as the Student Council. They are responsible for tasks such as supporting students where needed, communication between management and students, day to day arrangements and supervision during study times.