• Equestrian coaching in the arena according to the Western riding style.

  • Rounding up cattle herds on horseback. A wonderful experience.

  • How do I work with the unschooled horse so that he overcomes his natural fear of man?

  • Natural herd behaviour, pecking order / ranking within a herd.

  • Basic care of my horse. Stabled horses vs. horses grazing in the veldt.

  • Treatment for external parasites and internal parasites.

  • Determination of the horse's weight, temperature, heart rate and capillary reflux.

  • Hoof care

  • Horse-riding equipment: Care of saddles, bridles and the bit - English saddles and equipment, Cowboy saddles and bridles.

  • Excursions on the historic route past ancient farm ruins and cemeteries from the previous century, ending at the Voortrekker grave. Backpack meal.

  • Therapeutic classes with emphasis on the horse as an aid.

  • Horse-facilitated psychotherapy.

  • Short rides, about 30 minutes.

  • Swim with the horses in the farm dam.

  • Adventure track for horses. Jump over the brook, over tree stumps and plow through the mud. For experienced riders only.

  • Long distance outride to conservation area and historic site, only for very experienced riders, depart at 7am. and return at 7pm. Cross the Vaal River, travel about 35 km.


  • Walk through the wetlands, the process of succession, ecology, riparian animals, aquatic life, food chain.

  • Small fish that that come to nibble dead skin cells of your feet.

  • Hiking trails along the escarpment. Identification of distant beacons, Mount Majuba, Bloukop where skirmishes took place between the English and the Boers, Graskop with its thousand geese, Perdekop where the Boers kept their horses to escape the dreaded Horse-sickness gnats.

  • Birdlife: Secretary birds, cranes, moorhens, Egyptian geese, Spur-winged Goose, guinea fowl.

  • Game: Grey Rhebok, duiker, steenbokkie, porcupines, hares, ant eaters, meerkats, skunks, genets and jackals. The threat of total extinction of these species.

  • Lecture on the stars under the starry sky in the clear air of Amersfoort.

  • Night march to enjoy the vastness of the veldt and the safety of the environment.

  • Hike in the field with picnic for lunch.

  • Overnight in the remote wattle-and-daub house (hartbeeshuisie).

  • Overnight in the woods at the Cowboy hut.

Farm animals:

  • Feed the farm animals, cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc.

  • Experience the branding (marking) of cattle that are now a legally obligation due to stock theft.

  • Dosage and vaccination against parasites and diseases. Practical experience.

  • Sheep shearing

  • Milking cows

  • Visit a dairy

  • Visit a chicken farm.

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